Saturday, December 15, 2012

Making Sense of Tragedy

My title is a lie.


Because tragedy is not something we make sense of.  We do not make sense of a something like today's shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

"Making sense of it" presumes there is sense to be had in senseless slaughter.

I wish I had magic words that would comfort the families of friends of those so senselessly killed today...but there are none. There is just prayer, and weeping, and shock. I know only too well the agony of waiting to see if a loved one survived a horrific tragedy...and I know that all the "preparing for the worst" in the world really doesn't.

Preparing doesn't protect you from the pain of learning your loved one will NOT walk out alive. 

There is no preparing for that feeling...none at all.

So I pray for the families of slain children. And I pray for the families of slain adults. And I pray for a young man who's world view was so warped that murder seemed a good solution. And I pray for another young man, who learned that his mother was murdered by his brother - as the whole world was being told he was the murderer.

I pray for healing, for comfort, for peace.

This week of Advent PEACE is almost over - please join with me and pray for the very real peace we need today!