Thursday, March 29, 2012

Simple Beauty, Mar 29 12

Many years ago, after suffering thru a crippling bout of depression, I determined to make certain changes in my life:

Negative influence friends? Gone

Processed, chemical-laden foods? Gone

Daily walks in the sunshine and in the rain and in the snow? Yes

Vitamins? Yes

But perhaps the most important change was to find at least one moment or thing of beauty in my own life every day. 

Over time, this seeking of beauty has brought me peace in times of great grief - has brought home the realization of how very blessed I am - has taught me to see again as a child does, with wonder.

Today, in this surprising Spring, I am filled with a quiet joy as I see new life abounding. Each new patch of green, each delicate flower unfurling its colorful petals to the sun, each humming buzzing bee looking for nectar a small part of the promise of this season of rebirth and renewal.

What is beautiful in your life today?