Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Healing from Grief

In the midst of life, there is death. And in the midst of death, there is life. In our darkest hour of grief, we can be brought to tears of joy at the birth of an awaited and beloved child - and in our brightest joy we can be brought to our knees in grief for an unexpected death.

This is not to say we should look for the worst to happen - NO! Rather we should embody the joy to the fullest extent possible, as a source of strength when bad things do happen! And when we are in our hour of grief, we should allow that its time as well - as hard as it may be.

There is no healing in pretending. There is no goodness in hiding pain. We must allow it to flow through and out, as an honor to the love we shared.

Healing happens when we allow ourselves to cry, to laugh, to rage. It happens when friends sit with you hour upon hour, not talking, just listening - or just being there. It happens when we smell our loved one's scent on a pillow, hug it, and cry ourselves to sleep. It happens when we scream to the skies "its not fair!"

Healing happens over thousands of little moments - day by day and month by month - as we remember and respect our own loss.