Saturday, October 3, 2009

It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo'

Oh, it ain’t gonna rain no mo’ no mo, it ain’t gonna rain no mo’
How in the hell can the old folks tell, it ain’t gonna rain no more

The night was dark and dreary, and the air was full of sleet
Well the old man stood out in the storm and his shoes were full of feet.

Well the butterfly flits on wings of gold, the June Bug wings of flame.
The bedbug has no wings at all but he gets there just the same

Oh, mosquiti he fly high, oh, mosquiti he fly low
If ol’
mosquiti light on me, he ain’t a gonna fly no mo.’

Well, a bull frog sittin’ on a lily pad, looking up at the sky
Oh, the lily pad broke and the frog fell in, got water all in his eyes

Well, here’s a verse about a man and a trombone. Well, the words to it are few.
He blew, he blew, he blew, he blew; he blew, he blew, he blew.

Well, a man lay down by a sewer, and by the sewer he died, he died.
At the coroner’s inquest, they called it sewer-side.

A little black and white animal out in the woods. I says ain’t that little cat pretty!
I went right over to pick it up, but it wasn’t that kind of a kitty.