Saturday, October 3, 2015

Writing Your Life's Mission Statement

When companies want to define their direction - define their values - they write a mission statement. I find it useful to write mission statements for personal projects, like my blogs...but then I thought,
Why don't I have Mission Statement for my Life? (Tweet this)
After all... its the biggest project of all!

But...what is a Mission Statement anyway?

A Mission Statement is simply a formal declaration of aims, direction, core values, and beliefs.Now that we have our personal Core Values in front of us, a Mission Statement is easier to prepare.

A Mission Statement keeps me focused - a decision either fits or doesn't fit my Mission.

A Mission Statement isn't complicated, it isn't fancy -  its a simple statement - one or two sentences tops. Think of it like those header topics on an old-fashioned outline  - it keeps you on track, like a map when you zoom out and see the line from one and to the other.  A Mission Statement isn't about the details, its not about plans or timelines - its a theme for how we want to live.

I tend to update my Mission Statement every year, just as I modify and update goals - it keeps me focused, it keeps me Living on Purpose.  
What does your Mission Statement Say?

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