Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Day of Rest

Living Life on Purpose isn't about the mad dash to the goal - it isn't about all work and no play - it isn't about putting yet more demands upon an already busy schedule. 
Living Life on Purpose is about knowing when to say NO. (Tweet this)
Today is Sunday - a day of rest in many cultures. For Christians like myself, it is the day we set aside to STOP our every day labors and REST - we spend time with the Lord - we RE-CREATE ourselves. 

Today is a day of rest...

Take this time to recharge, to relax, to think, to daydream. Maybe dabble in a craft - or spend some time coloring in one of those uber-fashionable grown-up coloring books! Spend some time in nature - whether it is sitting in your yard or walking in the park or hiking. Study after study shows the value of spending time in nature - our eyes and brains are programmed for certain amounts of green and blue inputs, for sunlight to enter our brains and be absorbed by our skin - we need time in nature to thrive. So let Sunday be your day to explore your surroundings, and relax in the outdoors. 

Today is a day of rest...

but rest really isn't sleeping all day or lazing around on the sofa in from of a screen - true rest involves enjoyable activity - a change from the every day. True rest might be puttering in the garden, or visiting a museum, or hiking in a national park. I find I feel closest to God,  when I am walking in nature - whether a 5 mile walk around my suburban town with the baby in a stroller, or hiking small "mountains" with my wee nieces. When I spend time in nature with children - away from any electronic toys - I discover hidden beauty in God's amazing creation...
Today is a day of rest!

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