Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Seeking Beauty

So this is about Living Life on Purpose - so what does seeking beauty have to do with anything?
Appreciating the beauty in our lives is part of living in a moment - part of living on purpose. (Tweet this)
Beauty comes in many forms, in many ways - a perfect flower, a baby's smile, sunlight streaming though brightly colored autumn leaves, an inspiring piece of art... 

Beauty can be big and breathtaking, like the Grand Canyon - or it can be small and intimate, like the first wee delicate flower breaking through the crust of snow in late winter.

Life can be so busy, so hectic - that we forget to stop and look, to breathe deeply in the fresh air, to notice the moments of beauty in our lives. I have to remind myself from time to time to be "on purpose" - to be here and now when I letting myself get distracted. 

One of my favorite activities is to take my toddler grandson to the local gardens - I sit at the fountain, and watch him watch the water. He is fascinated with the water - water in the pool, water flowing from on high, water droplets sparkling in the sunlight. He notices the sounds, he sniffs the scents, he touches the water, he observes the water with 100% commitment. I try to imitate that focus, that commitment - its almost a meditation - I try to use all of my senses to observe, to experience the beauty in that moment. 

Commit now - commit to looking for beauty in your life! 

Take a moment now - just a moment. Look around you, really look. Look at the ordinary things we thins we see but that we really just glance at. Look deeper. 

Do you see interesting features on a building? or a flower peering from a garden? or a beautiful piece of public art? Do you see an interesting house? a tree with blazing scarlet leaves? 

Look deeper. Now look closer. Really look. Listen. Inhale. Observe.

Look at the details on the building, observe the way the glass catches light. See the intricate veins in the leaf, marvel at the delicate shadings of color. Look at the arrangement of petals on the flowers, inhale the scent. For just this moment, this is your purpose - to observe and be present with this moment of beauty. To be ON PURPOSE.
What have you noticed?

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