Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Reading June 22 '14

This has been a hectic weekend - my wee nieces had a class party at their home for their friends on Friday, then we had "girl night" which consisted of a little barbeque, painting a sticky solution on 2 nearby trees in the hopes of attracting interesting moths and bugs in the deep of the night, many trips outside with flashlight in the deep of the night to look at same bugs, and a Dr Who marathon. Saturday, the girls (ages 8 and 10) each cooked their own eggs and helped make breakfast in bed for their parents - and then I headed to my parent's house for some intensive garden work with my youngest brother. Dad has been in hospital (nothing too serious) so I also did a few loads of laundry and some general household tidying so Mom wouldn't be burdened. Today - Sunday - I caught up on my Bible reading, and visited these lovely places before heading out for a long visit with Dad:

Melissa at The Inspired Room always has something lovely to share - my favorite today is her post on 5 Minute Baking Drawer Organisation (Using What You Have). She
inspired me to rethink my kitchen storage - no reason things cannot be both pretty and organised - and I love love LOVE that she repurposes *what she already has* in her home to achieve this!

I discovered this lovely blog, Grandma Lessons: A Grandmother's Blog on Life, written by Grandma Mema.

I enjoyed Rebecca's breathtakingly lovely nature photos and a slice of life in her Morning Chores post on the homestead at Renaissance.

What are you reading this weekend?