Saturday, January 11, 2014

Starting Fresh

January is often a month of fresh starts, of resolutions, of lists. I'm often too busy in January to even bother...preferring spring for my fresh starts. But this year, its different.

This year, my freelance job lost its funding...2 days before Christmas. This year, I have time on my hands. This year, I'm starting fresh in January - like it or not!

So I am taking things one day at a time: catching up on sleep, catching up with friends, catching up with networking. I'm taking the time to do a lot of the things I already *know* are good for me, but that I let lapse while I was "too busy."

These days, I do not skip breakfast! I wake up and drink a glass of lemon and chia water while my tea is brewing. I make myself a scrambled egg on toast or have a yoghurt (protein is important!). And I have a luscious piece of fruit.

These days, I do not skip my yoga (and nothing tells you how creaky you are like re-starting yoga!). I spend a gentle 15-30 minutes taking care that I will be able to touch my toes when I'm 90!

These days, I do not skip a daily long walk. I may use my walk to run errands, like returning books to the library. Or not. My favorite walks are those that encourage my mind to clear, that has my wandering worries settle down, and true focus to kick in.

These days, I am catching up on all those little chores that always slipped to the bottom of my endless "to do" lists: mending hems, adjusting sleeves, finishing half-done sewing projects, and all sorts of little odds and ends around the house.

Are you having a fresh start in January?