Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Awaiting the New Year

Our Christmas decorations are still up (til 12th Night)...we are still munching on fruitcake and other holiday goodies... I've made turkey pies with leftovers...and tonight, we are celebrate the turning of the years.

When I was younger, New Year's Eve was a "party night" - and often one I worked! The excitement, the crowds, the champagne, the cold...

Nowadays, New Year's Eve is generally a quiet night - and evening of snuggling with sweetie before the fire, sharing fond remembrances of the passing year, sharing hopes and plans for the new year, while nibbling fancy snacks.

2013 brought a lot of changes for our home...and we are very, very fortunate that most were good. We've had ups (I ghost-wrote a really fun Vikings bookazine! Trips to Disney and Boston! Grandbaby was born! Grand-niece was born!) and downs (I was laid-off 2 days before Christmas...ugh).

2014 brings promise...the promise of new and exciting writing opportunities, the promise of fun times with the grandbaby, the promise of time for deepening my friendships (which I allowed to "simmer on the back burner" for too long as work-clutter got in the way), the promise of new projects heading our way!

May the New Year bring blessings to each and every one of us!