Thursday, November 14, 2013

Weekend Reading, Nov 15 '13

I hope you enjoy this week's Weekend Reading round-up! I plan to spend my weekend nesting a bit more - in preparation for grandbaby-to-be and the the weekend will include a lot of knitting and quilting along with the normal cleaning and cookery chores!

Meredith from Like Merchant Ships is in "semi-retirement" mode at the moment, but her blog is packed with beautiful, frugal ideas - and lovely inspiration photos. This post from 2007, on creating a Thanksgiving Centerpiece, is always timely!

Deep Roots at Home has a lovely fall decorating post using natural element here, Jacqueline's photos are stunning and the crafts ideas are do-able and run from sweet to glam.

 A wee craft tutorial here, from five brothers one sister - how to make a Spice Angel from a clothes peg, cinnamon stick and bay leaves!

Rhonda of Down to Earth wrote a fabulous and inspiring post on the work of a homemaker here.

An absolutely beautiful embroidery site here - Tracey Franklin is a specialty embroiderer, and her work is must see it to believe it!