Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gratitude for Small Favors

This has been a difficult week, starting with a massive nor'easter and following with many dreary and unpleasant bits. So when I came across this small crocus today I was reminded of why I am blessed, why I made some hard choices, why there are still hard choices to be made. And that good does come around in the long run.

I planted a few bulbs in this spot in late September 2001, as gardening was one way I chose to deal with overwhelming grief.

I did not imagine then that this sweet flower would return year after year,

a small personal symbol of rebirth and renewal, 

a small personal symbol of the Promise of the Gospel.

Each spring, this small brave blossom breaks through the still-frozen ground, one of the first signs of life after the bleak winter. Each spring this humble bloom reminds me to stop, to remember, to pray.

And in doing so, I am blessed.