Friday, March 14, 2014

Weekend Reading: Mar 14 '14

It is Friday...and it is Lent...last week, I cheated and bought pre-breaded flounder fillets at the fishmonger. Today, we are having pasta for dinner and had tuna for lunch. We eat a lot of fish during Lent, so for this Weekend Reading post I was inspired to create a Fish on Friday weekend reading list. Enjoy!

The Kitchn has a whole slew of Lenten seafood recipes here.

Rachael Ray has a page that shares the meaning of Lent and shares seafood and meatless recipes here.

 Jamie Oliver's Salmon Cakes are healthy, delicious and can be a very frugal choice!

And Martha Stewart's Lemon-Parsley Fish Cakes are another healthy, delicious, and suprisingly frugal dish! I like to make the fishcakes in large batched, and then freeze for evenings when I will be too busy to cook something nice!

What are your favorite "go to" fish recipes!