Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Book Review: Nicky Epstein Knits for Dolls

Nicky Epstein Knits for Dolls is packed full of amazing fashions to knit for your 18-inch doll (ahem - American Girl and the like - ahem. From sporty to sweet to funky - Nicky's patterns cover the gamut - my favorites include the Petit Parisienne (poncho, hat and wristlets!) and All That Glitters (a princess gown with robe and wee knitted crown!) - but there is something here for everyone.  While many of the patterns seem complex, because the garments are so small they are perfect for the knitter still learning techniques (hey - its much easier on the wallet and the ego to have to rip out a 6" long cable-knit sweater). I highly recommend this title to any knitters who enjoy creating fun fashions for the beloved dolls of the nursery set!