Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Book Review: Freezer Meals from The Common Kitchen

 I was sent an ebook to review from the "Headmistress" of one of my favorite blogs (The Common Room)....and I promptly lost it in my email! But I found it again, and am posting my very LATE review now.

Freezer Meals from The Common Kitchen is an amazing "walk-thru" of a real family's bulk, freezer cooking for one month, using real-life recipes and the real-life experience of a mom to seven progeny (as well as feeder of various guests, grandbabies and godchildren). The recipes are easy and delicious, the preparations are carefully explained (along with ideas for side dishes, etc), and the meals are generally "one step" on the night they are to be served for dinner - a huge plus for a busy family! It includes detailed shopping lists, prep lists, and all the "oh, I assumed you knew this" tips that you really don't know you don't know until you are knee-deep in the food...

I only have DH and The Boy - so I never needed to bulk cook in the way larger families often do to maintain sanity and food budgets - but I do regularly make smaller freezer meals. Why? To save money by avoiding takeout during busy work periods, to take full and frugal advantage of food sales, and mostly to control the quality of what we eat! I currently have a freezer stuffed with "twice-baked" potatoes and mini meatloaves for quick "take to work" lunches, containers of vegetarian chili that can be popped into the slow cooker or right into a heavy-bottomed saucepan, my homemade stocks and soups, various preparation of summer veggies from the garden and the farm market, and some of the meals listed in this very ebook (in smaller batches, but still the same prep).
Freezer Meals from The Common Kitchen is available here for $.99 -  and I thoroughly recommend it!