Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Raindrops: The Only Jewels I Need...

Today is the sort of chill, grey, drizzly rainy day that makes one wish one could sit all day by a cheery fire, sipping tea and reading a great book. Its the sort of rainy day my garden loves: a slow, deep, gentle watering. And its the sort of drear grey light that converts droplets of water into flashes of quicksilver and sparkling diamonds.

Truly, plentiful and clean water is a gift. 

When my garden is so thoroughly irrigated by nature's gentle rains, I think on those who live in places that do not receive this gift... lands of drought, desertscapes, areas of toxic desecration - where there may be water but it isn't life-giving, lands of harsher seasons where life teeters on a sharper edge.

It is so easy to ignore the gift of generous, gentle rainfall - how often do we curse it as inconvenience? or wish for sun? yet all sun and no rain is drought...

We have become so far removed from life, from cycles of nature, from "where my food comes from", that we scorn what makes the farmer and the gardener rejoice.

And so I remind myself of the preciousness of each dazzling raindrop today!