Thursday, March 8, 2012

Flowery Mead

Flowery Mead is a medieval term, referring to a meadowy area (think exact opposite of a modern, sterile, monoculture lawn) lushly carpeted with a mosaic of tiny flowers. Like these wee naturalised crocus!

Think of medieval tapestries, with their often very lush portrayals of turf grass intermingled with cowslip, violets, periwinkles, trefoil, columbine...the poet Giovanni Boccaccio described, "in the midst of the garden a lawn of very fine grass, so green it seemed nearly black, coloured with perhaps a thousand kind of flowers..." in his Decameron of 1348.

While my raggedy patch certainly doesn't compare with the wonders of gardens past, it does bring a smile to my heart!

How does your garden grow?