Friday, August 26, 2011

Preparing for Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is headed our way. The media has beaten itself into a frothing frenzy, each outlet striving to outdo the others in their histrionic descriptions of our impending doom... from comparisons to the "Long Island Express" storm of 1938 to Camille to Floyd. One would imagine the storm had already passed into the history books!

I wait for my evening train, sitting by the Hoboken waterfront, the splashing of waves against the seawall a creates a soothing backdrop. I watch as white clouds in blue skies catch fire in the setting sun and burn to grey streamers in the deepening gloom. Moonlight dances in the ripples and waves. And I find myself at peace.

I am not concerned about tomorrow, for I am here, right now.

And right here, right now is all I can be. 

And so I ignore the news sites and the weather sites and the television. I regularly check the National Weather Service (which presents current conditions and likely storm tracks without all the hubris).

I make sure we have a tidy stock of water, candles, matches, batteries for the radio, and food. I tape windows that may need it.

And then I relax.

Tomorrow is another day.