Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thoughts on Fruitfullness

Flowers signal a promise of fruit...and yet they do not bear fruit unless certain conditions are met. Proper minerals in the soil, light and water must arrive at the right times and in the right amounts, bees or butterflies or other pollenators must be present and working... and even then flowers may fail.

When my son was 3, my sister in law and my best friend were both pregnant with twins. Naturally that led to questions and conversations about how babies are made. I did not want to fob him off with fairytales about storks - but nor did I feel a technical explanation was appropriate to his age. So we left it at "to have a baby, one needs a mommy and a daddy and a miracle from God". Simple and in no way contradicted by later conversations that discussed the more technical aspects of human reproduction.

Even with all our technological advances, the best we can do is plant seeds with high hopes and tend to their needs...we cannot create increase...

So I look over my strawberry blossom with care...and will savor the small miracle when the berries arrive in June :)