Sunday, December 19, 2010

Peace: The Fourth Sunday of Advent

So many images are conjured up by the word peace:
Peace on earth. 

Peace in my heart. 

Peaceful easy feeling.

Peace in our day. 

The lion will lie down with the lamb in peace.

Do we truly take the time to reflect on the meaning of peace? 

How appropriate that this is the theme of the week many find the most stressful, as they rush about with preparations for the holiday. But are those preparations that were meant by "Let every heart prepare Him room"?

I have to remember to step back. To recall a humble manger. To remember that the peace of the season is not about the quiet after the children are abed, but a much deeper peace. A peace that abides in me as I reflect upon one woman's faith and trust in her Lord, as she prepared to bring forth the Hope that changed the world.