Friday, November 26, 2010

Five Things I am Grateful for Thanksgiving 2010

There is a popular (and rather old-fashioned) Thanksgiving tradition called "The Five Kernels" . It seems that over that first harsh winter, the Plymouth colonists' rations dwindled to the point that each was given five kernels of corn per day - about half of the folk who had come across on the Mayflower died before spring.

And yet that autumn, as they gathered their first harvest, they did not wallow in miseries that they had overcome but rather they celebrated with a feast of Thanksgiving to God for the blessings He had bestowed upon them! And so many families since have carried on the tradition of handing each person at the Thanksgiving table five kernels of corn. A glass is passed around, and as each person drops in their kernels they share five things to be grateful for this year.

I humbly present my list:

1 - My children. I am so proud of the people they have become, and continue to become (as none of us stay the same always!). I am proud to have had a part in their lives!

2 - My family! We have shared joys and sorrows, we have celebrated together marriages and births and good fortunes, and we have grieved over disappointments and set-backs and loved ones taken too soon and others taken in their time.  I am fortunate that I have brothers that I consider among my best friends - I know how very rare this is! And I am fortunate that they married women I count among my best friends. 

3 - My nieces, wee and not-so-wee. Yes, I know technically they are family, but there is more than just the "auntie to niece" relationship - these precious little souls inspire me!

4 - Good friends who have stood with me and by me thru the years - friends who are indeed family!

5 - Plentiful healthy and delicious food - that I am "free from want" - true want, not the sort of "want" that the adverts try to convince us is real!