Monday, June 14, 2010

Sometimes I feel like I'm just barely hanging on...

Today is one of those days...

I had to head into the office extra early after a busy weekend and a sad, emotional week with a friend passing, and another friend losing a beloved sibling. And then the wee ones arrived from SC for a long visit with us.

We had a family bbq/swim day at my brother's house, where his two little ones were delirious with joy at having their cousins back "at last!".

In and among the joyful play, some serious things were discussed.

Like when Aly (almost 9) plopped into my lap for a snuggle and announced, "I got to know my daddy for 12 whole days before he died - isn't that wonderful?!".

 Or when Sara announced that she had been viewing videos of 9/11 on youtube to check on if people had been lying to her - and if daddy really did burn up or if he was just crushed by the building.

So we had a chat about the stuff that makes you want to hide your head under the blankets and scream or cry. The stuff you don't want to have to discuss with children, but that you cannot brush aside when they trust you enough to share these thoughts and feelings.