Friday, May 28, 2010

NY Book Expo, May 27 '10

I had a thoroughly wonderful time at this year's Book Expo! In addition to all the sales work (handing out cards, asking for cards, reciting my little sales pitch, lugging around a heavy bag filled with catalogs, etc) - which generated 2 RFPs for my printing client - I met some delightful people and simply enjoyed being with so very many books. The Expo is basically a showcase for librarians and bookstore buyers - a place where publishers display their wares - and what wares they were! It was a bookworm's delight!

While a part of the exhibit hall is dedicated to digital readers of all kinds, most of the space is about books. Childrens books. Art books. Mysteries. Fiction and non-fiction. Trashy romance novels. Classics. Travel guides. Cookbooks. Horror tales. Slim volumes of poetry. Spiritual texts. "Street" novels. Books from all over the world. Books from large publishers. Books that were self-published. I fervently wished I could bring home a bit of everything!

One of the "perks" of the show is the author autograph sessions, and while I was there on business and could not wait on line for some of the more famous writers, I did obtain a nice little collection of signed childrens books for all four wee nieces. And I did meet Ms Bernadette Peters, who was signing cd discs of her "Barks on Broadway". Ms Peters was very charming and sweet, and made a point of greeting every person by name (we had nametags, but still!).

All in all, it was an pleasantly exhausting day - and one which left me feeling quite positive about the survival of print :)