Monday, March 22, 2010

The Spring garden is started!

Over the weekend, in between helping a friend move and my mom to tidy her yard, I achieved more than I imagined possible in my own garden!

Pots all cleaned and refilled with fresh soil

Seeds planted: radishes, scallions, mint, cilantro, spinach, spring lettuce mix, elephant ear bulbs

Starts planted: pansies everywhere (because their sweet faces and bright color are irresistable!) and broccoli.

Decrepit wicker porch settee finally disposed, and a nice painted rocking chair installed in its place

Much general raking, sweeping, tidying

Planning where the backyard plot it to go this year (last year the squash did not do well, so the garden will move to a better spot)

All of this involved much running up and down three flights of stairs between the deck garden and the compost pile, which doesn't seem much at first, but really does start to catch up after the 10th trip or so! It also entailed observing the amusing antics of spring-crazed squirrels, local children, and migrating geese and ducks (flying in formations overhead).

I gave the local children a spare 6-pack of pansies to put in their own garden, as they spent a great deal of time watching my activities with grave interest (and many questions). I love encouraging children to grow things!

Has anyone else started a vegetable garden yet?