Thursday, December 24, 2009

How did Mary Feel?

On this Christmas Eve, as I travel in a warm train to my office - knowing that same warm train will deliver me to my cozy home - I wonder how Mary felt.

Mary was called upon to travel a great distance whilst great with child, in the days when traveling meant walking alternated with riding upon the donkey - those who have ridden on horseback know what a jostling ride this would be for an extremely pregnant woman! Mary must have known that this travel to Bethlehem would mean that she was far from home and beloved women who would comfort and sustain her during the pains of labor and birthing.

And yet she did not question - she did not complain.

She gave birth to our Savior in a barn, amongst the animals, because there was no room in any inn or home for her. I think of my own labor and delivery, in a clean and comfortable hospital, and wonder how I would have felt laying on straw and hearing the noise of cattle - and probably mice!

And yet Mary bore this - and more - with the Grace that had been gifted her at the beginning of time.

What would I have done?