Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Being Content

Today I had a lesson in being content with what I have.

Now, please keep in mind that being content is not the same as being complacent! Complacency moans "I don't care..." or drawls "All is well..." when all isn't - whereas contentment says, "I am ok where I am right at this moment, because I see that I am on a path I want to be traveling."

Sometimes being content is easier said than done! Being content means that even tho I eventually want to own a home with some land for chickens and a larger garden, for now I am happy to be in my large, quirky and bohemian rental apartment.

Being content means that altho it may be fun to have a bottomless wallet of cash to spend on any little desire, I do not wallow in envy or resentment over what I do not have. Instead, I try to always celebrate what I do have! I create my own unique and beautiful home and gifts and lifestyle with what I find around me and what I am led to seek out! No amount of cash can buy my little niece snuggling in and saying, "I really love snuggling with you, Aunt Kathryn. You feel like love."

But this morning I had a run-in with "but I want it!!!". As I was photographing my kitchen manger, I once again noticed the icky textured and lumpy white walls . Most of the time I don't even see this anymore, but this morning the walls screamed at me! As the only real repair is to demolish them altogether, I had decided to just live with them. This is just a rental, and not my "dream house", so usually it is an easy task to let it go. But this morning I was consumed with kitchen envy - envy of all those beautiful kitchens in the shelter magazines and on HGTV. Argh!

Fortunately, this spell did not last too long. I went for a loooong walk and regained my perspective. But it did shake me a bit to see how all these negative thoughts and feelings are just lurking around waiting to take over!

How do you handle creeping discontent?