Wednesday, December 23, 2009

10 Little Things to Love about Christmas Preparations

1 - Baking cookies, and having that wonderful aroma wafting thru the house

2 - Deciding which candy recipes to make (and which to save for another time) and then being immersed in rich chocolate, peppermint, spicy cinnamon, tangy orange, and other yummy flavors and scents!

3 - The tree! The smell of fresh pine, the thrill of propping the tree into the stand (will it or won't it fall?), and stringing fairy lights

4 - Sorting through boxes of ornaments - mine and my grandmother's - to pick exactly the right ones for THIS tree!

5 - Sorting through the memories the ornaments carry with them: Christmases past, births, deaths, marriages, baby's 1st Christmas, kindergarten crafts, and more!

6 - Carefully unpacking my Santa Village, laying out the "snow" and arranging the shops and houses

7 - Carols and other Christmas music - a continual soundtrack to my days and nights

8 - Crafting wee gifts for family members - sachets and potpourris and more!

9 - Advent, and the peace that this daily meditation brings

10 - The ever-traditional photo with Santa!!