Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day by Day, a Reminder to My Self

We are alive each moment, day by day. And in every moment we make choices. Sometimes events conspire to make us feel helpless, but even in our most desperate moments we can choose how we will respond and what we will hold dear. I sometimes forget this :)

I alone choose whether to fully embrace each moment I am given, or to speed thru them or to blur, blot and waste them.
I alone choose whether to inhale crisp morning air and bathe in the glory of a sunrise, or to pull the blankets over my head and dive back into a gratifying slumber, or to view the day in tones of black and grey.
I alone choose whether to notice or ignore the daily changes in my garden, in myself, in my loved ones, in the world around me, in God's whole beautiful creation.
I alone choose whether to embrace my life and loves to the very fullest, or to shy away and hide, or bury my needs.
I alone choose whether to allow myself the gift of creative solitude, or to allow myself to be a victim of putting others' needs always first.
I alone choose whether to BE, or not.
Today, I choose LIVING!