Thursday, October 22, 2009

Choosing Cheerfulness

I received a comment recently that I must have such a lucky and easy life - because my posts tend to be so cheerful and optimistic. After I recovered from the initial laughing-til-I-ached, I realised that I actually accomplished something important. The “choose life” promise I make to myself each and every day is now coloring my life.

I truly believe that each and every day we choose how we will dance with life: whether we will seek out the good and the beautiful, or wallow in the sad, or submerge in anger and negativity. This is not to say that I never cry or rage or pout - I certainly do! And it is certainly documented in this blog!

And when I am sad, I cry and I write and I treat myself gently. When I am angry, I address the offender or offense and move on. But I do not choose to extend these moments beyond their natural life. I let them go and continue my journey down this wonderful river unencumbered.