Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Day in the Life - Oct 25 2010

Recreation is sometimes defined as "refreshment of the mind or body" - and many of us tend to associate it mostly with fun activities.

Today, my spirit was refreshed in the company of my little nieces, Madi and Kay. We spent the morning listening and sometimes dancing to Bach's violin concertos while coloring and crafting.

We had a short hike with Bandit (the dog) to climb rocks and explore.

We examined mosses under shady trees...
We hunted for as many different colors in the turning leaves as we could see.

We even uncovered a group of worms from under some damp leaves, and watched their reactions (no worms were harmed!)

We lunched to Pete Seeger and a little Peter, Paul &; Mary. We listened to several different versions of "Puff the Magic Dragon", "Erie Canal" and "Froggy went a courting".