Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fall garden planning

I know its a bit early, but since I will have some heavy work ahead it seems a good time to start planning my fall garden. The dreams can start today - and the hard work can wait til mid-September :)

I never had the chance to prepare raised beds for my spring planting, so I will get at least one bed done and transplant the strawberries in late September. (Emergency back-up plan is to overwinter the huge pot in the garage)

If I can get two beds done, I will do beets, kale, spinach, cabbage and maybe one or two other hardy fall crop plants in there. Otherwise I will do spinach and kale in containers, and hold off on beets and cabbage til spring.

The long container is currently holding carrots and green beans. Once these are done I plan to re-sow the same. They did well :)

I am already rooting lots of basil and mint cuttings, in hopes of 1)extending the outdoor crop til frost 2) expanding the plantings to beds and 3) potting up some plants for indoors over the winter. I managed to successfully overwinter rosemary last year, and will do so again.

I may also experiment with potting up some tomato shoots for wintering indoors. I don't expect fruits, but I want to learn if they will survive til spring and can be transplanted back outside successfully to bear fruit.

What are your fall garden plans?