Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This is the unadulterated Kathy: early in the morning, before any makeup or primping, before my first cup of tea has is done (but after my contact lenses are in!), and before the last remnants of sleepiness are banished.

This is the me that my family and bestest friends know and love. The me that isn't cool or professional in any way. The me that sings around the house and digs in the garden with toddlers. The me that cries over Hallmark commercials.

This is the me I love and they love, and yet it is also the me I am least likely to share. Why? Well, in all honesty I have to say that vanity is one reason. Going out into the world barefaced and fully open-hearted opens one up to a possible rejection of the cruelest kind - that of one's truest self. Makeup and clothes and primping and "attitude" - and the rest - are a sort of armor in that respect. And why not look one's best, after all...

So why post unadulterated Kathy? As a lesson to myself, to remind myself that even tho I work in a field that is obsessed with physical perfection, the people who love me do so because of who I truly am, and not because I can rock a great pair of sunglasses! They don't despise my "physical imperfections" because they see beyond the lines and stray grey hairs.

So even tho my son will still roll his eyes when I sing U2 songs at the top of my lungs whilst dancing about and cleaning his room, apparently he also wouldn't have me any other way :)