Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm in love with him and I feel fine...

For the first years M and I were a couple, M felt that Valentine's Day was "a commercial holiday - I refuse to support it - I can tell you I love you whenever I want and not be dictated to by Hallmark and the candy companies!"
So I wrote cute little love notes to him and truly didn't mind. After all, I insisted upon loving a man who told me my eyes were beautiful... like pond algae...I knew what I was getting into.

Then, we grew into a more romantic phase - when he called me his little turtledove with a straight face, and brought me beautiful flowers on random "they made me think of you" days.

Tragedy struck on 9/11 and we grew stronger with each other's support. We had ups and downs afterwards - some of the worst times of my life - but having grown thru them, we are a team and no man can tear us asunder!

Last month, we had our 11 year anniversary. I have known this man since he was a gawky, shy 15 year old track star and I was an awkward, shy 14 year old track wanna-be. We didn't exactly run together, for he was and is far more a talented athlete than I - in fact, he probably would have preferred to toss me off the team altogether! It would be several years before we were on friendly speaking terms.

We are now in our mid-40s, and I love him in small quiet ways and I love him in big gushy, embarrassing ways.

I loved the way he would blush and be all self-conscious when girls would wolf-whistle and call out "great legs!" to him in high school. I love the way he plays piano and completely, unselfconsciously loses himself in the music. I love the way he now needs reading glasses at night when he reads his Bible in bed. I love the way he pursues truth even when it annoys the living daylights out of me. I love the way he ran 2 miles in the middle of the night to the hospital to be with me in the ER when I was hit by a car (I was ok - minor fractures/bruises). I love the way he cried with me when my brother was killed on 9/11. I love the way he eats my cookery experiments and tries to sincerely compliment dishes I know he can't stand. I love the way he helps to care for our home, even though he hates owning "lots of things".

Most of all, I love that he loves me - and that we are truly partners. This week I have been a bit depressed and cranky and I love that he still cares for me and my tender feelings even when I'm being completely unreasonable.

For Valentine's Day, I am making him oreo truffles because he likes sweet things and I have not baked sweet things since Christmas. (Note to self: Muffins do not count as sweet things because they can be eaten as meals?) I am also writing him a mushy love letter outlining why I am glad to have had 11 years with this wonderful man as my own - and 20 years of "on and off" friendship before that!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!